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  • Version: 1.0

Cuteness overload

Ooblets is a fun adventure game that offers more than what meets the eye. Starting off as a farming simulator, players will soon find themselves taking care of cute little creatures called Ooblets. To make things more exciting, these adorable monsters can do battles! There's more than farming here in Ooblets.

Search, Collect, Fight!

The game will remind you a little of Pokemon with its collect and battle mechanics. However, Ooblets is actually very unique not only with its graphics but as well as its gameplay. It starts with players having their own farmland and thus giving the impression of it being another Harvest Moon-like game. The addition of Ooblets and the numerous activities you can do with them adds that much-needed spice as the game becomes more than a farm simulator. In fact, farming also has something to do with Ooblets! 

They are not just creatures you either catch or befriend in the wild because they can also be harvested! Planting special Ooblet seeds allow you to grow plants that give birth to baby Ooblets. Participate in many interesting adventures around town and outside of it as your loyal Ooblets follow closely behind you without fail. Also, the battles are not just limited to tackle attacks because Ooblets are amazing dancers, as well. Dance battles against wild Ooblets and other trainers are surely something to look forward to in this game. Getting to learn new dance moves is also a wonderful motivation to work hard in leveling up your Ooblets! 

It's a colorful world

Ooblets radiates so much energy and enjoyment that you can immediately feel how colorful the whole game is. Your Ooblets look special and unique so who's to say that you can't be as well? Customizing your character appearance can be done in Ooblets and you can go all out! Change your hairstyle, hair color, skin color, clothes, shoes, and more until your character is very much like your own real self. 

You can also decorate your house and make it your dream home. It can be constantly upgraded and you can buy new items to fill in the empty corners and spaces. 

Not a boring moment

There is just so much to do in Ooblets that you probably would never find it boring. From managing your own farm, growing baby Ooblets, participating both in combat and dance battles, to exploring new places within and outside of town, there is never a dull moment that could make you lose interest. It is also quite relaxing to play because you can just continue exploring the game at your own pace. 


  • Cool and detailed cast of characters
  • Dance battles
  • Customizable characters
  • Lots of places to explore


  • A bit repetitive after a while

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